Get Hydrated with Alkaline Water!

Get Hydrated with Alkaline Water!

This is the single most important thing you can do to for your health, energy and vitality!
Seriously this will change everything like magic! You need to be drinking at least 3-4 litres of good quality alkaline water per day and more if you are a little heavy or working out or in a hot climate! Okay I know it sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t when you get used to it! 3-4 litres is about right for most people but there are
other factors to consider;Our bodies are something like 75-80% water, we must maintain this level to stay healthy, if we sweat a lot through exercise or whatever, we are reducing our bodies water content and our cells are dying, we are aging rapidly!

The majority (very large majority) of us do not drink nearly enough water, not even close! Our digestion is slow, we are stagnant, and we are not clearing away toxins, we are too highly acid, our bodies are tired and our organs are under stress and pressure!

The body does it’s best to protect us and keep our vital organs safe, it stores toxins and poisons anywhere it can away from our organs! Guess where its stored? Yeah not where you want it! So can you see then that this is why we end up with aching joints,
skin problems, exhaustion and weight issues, not to mention the disease we are building? So those times when you found it hard to lose weight, or you struggled with your skin or wounds just not healing? Headaches, mental fogginess, depression? This is not to mention what happens in the bowels!!! We simply cannot flush waste when we are dehydrated, we get sticky clogged colons and that could develop into something really nasty!

Being dehydrated is obviously not the only factor of good health but it certainly is of utmost importance and the beginnings of excellent health! Being hydrated can change everything, sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is, just drinking enough water and making it a habit, can have a profound effect on your whole life. I had an email from a friend a couple of days ago, she said she had been drinking 4 litres per day and had lost weight without even changing her diet, she suffers with constipation but she is clearing! This is fantastic, she is now so relieved and is excited about learning about her body and including more Raw into her diet, I cannot wait to see how she gets on ☺

The correct amount of water intake certainly will help you to lose weight, as it clears acid toxins from your system and boosts your metabolism. Just look at your skin when you are tired or hung-over, that’s a good one!

Just test this for yourself, next time you feel really tired, give yourself a couple of hours and get 2 litres of water into you, see how different you feel. I know it sounds a lot, but when you have developed this habit, you will automatically be looking for that water! Keep water with you at all times, it becomes easy

We often make the mistake of thinking we are hungry when what we really need is water, easy to see this leads to weight problems! Our body is designed to be alkaline, but unfortunately we with our westernised diet eat way to much acid forming foods and drinks such as soda’s, sugars, breads, sweets, pizza, chips, alcohol, white
rice & pasta, trans-fats, junk food, processed food, dairies, meats and the list goes on! Animal produce in our day now is poison, full of toxic drugs, If I want to put drugs in my body, then I will make that choice, no one else! We are basically stupid! How can we expect this amazing body to carry us through life and we don’t even learn about it’s needs? We put our body under such strain, we need to assist our body instead of ignoring it! It is so easy to stay healthy when we understand what we are doing to ourselves!

Education is everything! You are everything! You are more important than your job or your business, your body needs and deserves your attention! Without it what have you got? Without your body you have no where to live!

Article provided by Cheryl Fauvel

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    Ya learn something new eevdryay. It’s true I guess!

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