AlkaMate – Portable Alkaline Water Demonstration Video

AlkaMate – Alkaline Water Product Demonstration Video

The AlkaMate is a great for anyone who wants to start drinking Alkaline water.  Many people want to see how the AlkaMate actually works, so we have put together a great short video showing you just how to use it!

Drinking alkaline water helps balance your bodies pH bringing it more towards alkaline which is what you want.  Eating Alkaline Foods and also detoxing your body will also help bring your body alkaline.  Click here to get your free alkaline food chart so you can start combining alkaline foods while drinking alkaline water to really help bring or keep your body alkaline.

Below are a few great testimonials from some of our happy clients!

“I love my AlkaMate portable water filter! I have been drinking water from it for about 2 months. The benefits I have noted are more energy, less fatigue, improved weight loss, along with better bowel function. I suffer from several conditions, one of which is fibromyalgia. Since drinking alkaline water, I simply feel better. My friends say “you look good!”” — Margie Warren, RN, BScN, MEd. Waterloo, ON

“The HL4Y AlkaMate bottled alkaline water is great! I find the water tastes so good it makes me want to drink more water. Since using this miracle water, it has greatly reduced my heartburn symptoms and I have better digestion and regularity! — Susan McDonald, Reiki Master Oakville, ON

“In just a short time of using the HL4Y AlkaMate alkaline water cup my skin feels a lot smoother.” — Joyce Jackart Upper La Tour, NS

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  1. Cheryl
    1 year ago

    Would it be nice to include CC (closed captions) or text on the video so we deaf and hard of hearing people could learn something. We are not an expert lipreaders.

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